"Hollow Earth EP" by Madlex & Sinus O, rmx by Joaquin Ruiz & VSK on Rive Droite Records

Hollow Earth EP

Rive Droite Records presents RDR005 : "Hollow Earth EP" by Madlex, Sinus O, and remix of Joaquin Ruiz and VSK.

Release date :
September 9th (1x12" vinyl via Topplers)

Tracklist :

A1 - Madlex - Acid Drop (Original Mix)
A2 - Madlex - Acid Drop (Joaquin Ruiz Remix)

B1 - Sinus O - Soporific Power (Original Mix)
B2 - Sinus O - Soporific Power (Original Mix)

Artwork by Jean Rodriguez - http://www.jslktr.com/
Mastered & cut by Mathieu Berthet @ MB Mastering Studios

Label CEO : Thomas Delecroix : t2lecroix@gmail.com

Artists of the release

Madlex : https://www.facebook.com/djmadlex

Joquin Ruiz : https://www.facebook.com/JR.Techno

Sinus-O : https://www.facebook.com/sinus.o.music

VSK : https://www.facebook.com/VSK.CRS

Story Telling of the EP :

A1 > Madlex - Acid Drop :

Entered by Tibet Inside Himalaya’s craggy ways, the team rappels down in the crevasse walls covered with phosphorescent mushrooms. A civilization light progressively appears. On the acid percussions, the team ends up in an underground antique city-state inhabits by thousand hundred natives engaging in an occult shamanic ritual.

A2 > Madlex - Acid Drop (Joaquin Ruiz Remix) :

By Peru At Puma Punku, large antic complexes of Monolith, majestically assembled, carve an unfathomable tunnel. Inside the humid heat of rocky tunnels’ meander, petroglyphs of unhuman faces cover the walls, representing a pacific civilization living in intraterrestrial biospheres named Shambala.

B1 > Sinus-O - Soporific Power :

By Antarctic The expedition penetrates in a quartz tunnel of an emerging ice pyramid. After having performed a slope in an arctic climate on the rhythm of worried telluric pulsations, threatening howlers coming from a colossal creature are heard. Hunted by this monster, the team arrives in-extremis to climb back to the surface, after a terrifying high-speed chase.

B2 > Sinus-O - Soporific Power (VSK Remix) :

By Etna Surrounding Etna, dull and irregulars growls sound, escaping from the center of the fault. Progressing in dried lava tunnels with titanic tracks of antic fight, the team arrives in front of a boiled mercury lake, in which the native creatures thirst as much as terror than for their survival. The team take in a sample and get back to the surface to celebrate the end of the exploration.


Madlex - Acid Drop (Original Mix)
Madlex - Acid Drop (Joaquin Ruiz Remix)
Sinus O - Soporific Power (Original Mix)
Sinus O - Soporific Power (VSK Remix)

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